Medical Billing and Coding Jobdescription and Salary

All You Need To Know About Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing & coding is a very important part of the healthcare field as it helps ensure the proper reimbursement of patient services. It is said to be among the fields that young graduates can undertake the fastest career launches.

Description of Medical Billing & Coding

There are different positions under medical billing & coding including medical billing specialist, medical biller, certified medical biller, medical records coder, office manager (for medical office), administrative assistant and front desk receptionist . Generally, most of these professionals are of the female gender and with very few males being employed in the industry.

Through medical billing & coding, the medical services of patients are coded and billed and then fed into a computer. An invoice is obtained and sent to the patient. These professionals can work in physicians’ clinics, medical offices, physicians’ offices, medical billing and collection services, diagnostics centers and hospitals as well as other health care facilities.

How to Become Medical Billing & Coding

The minimum educational requirement for one to secure employment in the medical & coding industry is an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in medical sciences. This requirement, however, depends upon the specific designation in medical billing and coding. To make progress in this career, an individual may need to have a master’s degree in any medical sciences.

Job Description of Medical Billing & Coding

Generally, the duties and responsibilities of professionals in the medical billing & coding field vary depending upon their work place. The duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Handle all kinds of insurance claims and frauds.Process various accounts transactions like accounts payable and accounts receivable.Verify whether or not patients have an insurance cover before the procedures are started.Ensure that all the necessary codes such as CPT code and ICD-9 code are mentioned on the insurance claims.

The professionals are expected to maintain all patients’ detail in full confidence and ensure that they report such information to insurance companies while observing proper coding standards.

Job Outlook for Medical Billing & Coding

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), jobs in the health information technology sector (medical billing & coding included) are projected to grow at about 20 percent and higher in coming years.

Certification for Medical Billing & Coding

There are several types of certifications a medical coder and biller can undertake including Certified Professional Coder, Certified Coding Associate, Medical Billing & Coding Certificate, and Certified Billing & Coding Specialist .Certification exams are mainly administered by AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association).Most employers require candidates to have at least one certification designation.

Salaries & Wages for Medical Billing & Coding

The salaries medical billers and coders depend upon factors like work experience, name and type of employer, certification done and location of their work place. On average, the annual salary of a medical billing & coding professional ranges between $19,010 and $57,775 a year but can go up to $ $75,455 depending with the type of certification one has.

Professional Associations for Medical Billing & Coding

There are a number of associations that handle matters within the Medical Billing & Coding field including AHIMA and Medical Association of Billers. Most of them offer certification exams as well as training programs.

CCHIIM Relaunches CCS Exam | Journal of AHIMA

CCHIIM Relaunches CCS Exam

The Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) has announced it will relaunch the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) exam starting August 1. The move comes after the exam was suspended for four months following a security breach of the test.

Due to continued security concerns, CCHIIM officials said there is no further information or timetable for when the CCS exam will resume testing at testing centers in Asia.

According to a CCHIIM-created CCS Exam Question FAQ, the CCS exam content has not changed. Candidates will still be tested in accordance to the same exam blueprint that is posted to the certification website, and the domains and tasks have not changed.

CCHIIM has spent the last four months updating the questions on the exam, including new medical record scenarios. While questions have changed, the exam will still test “the same areas of expertise as the old questions tested,” said Heather Rich, operations manager of certification services at AHIMA. The questions still map back to the same job analysis performed in 2012 to develop the CCS exam.  

Developing a bank of new test questions that can be rotated in the exam will help increase its security, Rich said.

Some have questioned whether the CCS exam will test in ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM/PCS. The CCS exam will continue testing on ICD-9-CM until a new coding classification system is officially implemented.

To register for the exam, visit AHIMA’s online store at, click “Certification” under Products, and select “CCS Exam.” After registering for the exam and paying the application fee, individuals will receive an Authorization to Test letter that will allow them to schedule an examination date. A list of available testing centers in both the US and internationally is available at

CCHIIM officials said that the exam will launch in beta form, which means immediate scoring will not be available. Results will be available in approximately 10 to 12 weeks. For additional information visit




Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding | Top Nursing …

The number of online medical billing and coding classes in USA are increasing at a rapid pace; and with the passage of time, these classes are becoming a viable alternative to the professionally entangled, busy aspirants who are engaged with more than one professional or educational vocation. As almost all the online classes in the USA for medical billing and coding provide a global learning platform to intertwine, share and accommodate each others views and innovative thinking to optimize the professional skills, aspirants are preferring online classes instead of campus-oriented curriculum.

Almost all of the online classes are well equipped in state of the art study material, professional techniques of training, addressing numerous challenges of facing practical problems in the billing and coding profession and knowledgeable, eye-opening lectures on the guidelines, trends and future of the profession. Most of the reputed online classes in USA for online medical billing and coding aims to provide professional certification and includes a thorough preparation for a national level certification examination in medical billing and coding.visit for more updates.

Provided below is a short list of some of the reputed online classes in USA for medical billing and coding:

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding at Kaplan University
Kaplan’s degree program is more professionally focused and wide in covering various interdisciplinary subjects to meet the changing needs of the profession. The unique course coverage and live online guidance gave it a reputation what many of the online billing and coding classes in the US are simply lacking.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding at Ultimate Medical Academy

The online classes of this versatile institute are reputed in multiple ways, mainly for its job-focused, industry-specific training and a cross-disciplinary exposure in its covering of the multiple challenges that a medical billing and coding job more details in her latest blog post.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding at Colorado Technical University

The online medical billing and coding classes of this university are well known for its focus in providing the student all the ingredients of a real life professional environment to have a better grasp over the intricacies of the profession.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding at Herzing University
The online classes of this institute provide degree, diploma and certification curriculum with an overall academic focus on learning and practical focus on interactive skills and personality development.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding at Allied Schools
The online classes of this tremendously industry-specific school focus primarily on preparing the student for passing the Certified Medical Billing Specialist Exam that benefit the aspirant with national level recognition for his deserving credentials.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding at University of Phoenix
Having one of the widest networks of online education around the globe, its online classes in the US for medical billing and coding provide an unmatched global learning experience with numerous real life professional experiences and challenges explained and answered within its learning modules.

medical coding and billing

To conclude, the well packed, career focused and thoroughly practical challenge oriented classes of the above mentioned institutes are picked for their sheer focus on the profession of medical billing and coding in the ever progressing industry of health care and its associated programs. Though no short list can ever include all the constituent qualities of numerous institutions which are offering equivalent online classes in USA for online medical billing and coding, this short list can at least provide you a guidance of what you are looking for.

Career Options in Medical Billing & Coding: Third … – Salter College

As you begin, continue, and complete your certification in Medical Billing & Coding at Salter College, you will likely be thinking a lot about where you will work when you finish school. The healthcare industry is booming and growing, so there is a seemingly never-ending need for medical professionals of all types, including medical billing and coding specialists. With your expertise in medical coding, basic claims process, and medical insurance, the possibilities of where you can work are great. The most common choices for a career in medical coding and billing are as follows: doctor’s offices, hospitals, dental offices, nursing homes, medical equipment suppliers, and insurance companies

However, there are a couple other options for where you can begin your career as a medical billing and coding specialist. Third party billing offices are often overlooked by newly certified medical specialists as a great place to begin working. Self-employment is also often seen as something far too risky and with a lower opportunity for growth and increased income. However, both third party billing offices and self-employed medical billing and coding specialists are becoming more prevalent, important, and sought after in today’s medical industry. Here are some pros and cons of both of these employment options

Third Party Billing Office Employment

Many medical facilities are beginning to realize that outsourcing their medical billing and coding is a great way to save time, money, and stress. Rather than hire someone who still requires extensive training, medical facilities can turn to third party billing offices and know that their entire staff is fully trained and highly qualified, with many resources available to them.

Third party billing offices have more advanced technology available to them, which will result in your learning much more about your profession than if you had worked in a regular medical facility. You will be surrounded by other medical billing and coding experts, and you will learn the best and most efficient way to complete tasks. With the healthcare industry constantly and rapidly changing, third party billing offices will be up-to-date and prepared to handle any change in processes or regulations so that their clients don’t have to worry about that. This means you would learn quickly about the newest changes in medical billing, and you will become more than proficient in adapting.

Self-Employment as a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

While self-employment does carry its own risks and responsibilities, the freedom that comes with it simply cannot be understated. Many medical facilities are beginning to outsource medical billing and coding, and as a self-employed specialist, you can meet the needs of many small businesses on your own schedule. Whether you have children, like to travel, or just want freedom from a 9-5 job, self-employment as a medical billing and coding specialist is a great, but over overlooked, option.

You may work from your own home or you may travel to various medical offices to complete work. You will set your own hours, and keep in mind that there are many opportunities to work days, nights, and weekends, depending on what you prefer.

Many Options for Salter Graduates

There are clearly many career opportunities for someone who has just completed his or her medical billing and coding certification from Salter College. Keep your options open and explore every possibility, and you will surely find yourself in a career and position that you love!

Reliable Online Medical Billing And Coding Certification Programs …

There are a number of reliable online medical billing and coding certification programs that you can access cheaply. However, before you pay for these particular programs ensure that the content of study or curriculum is up to the required market standards. This helps the graduates to be well positioned in this competitive market.

All certifications are exam oriented and this is what determines who is certified and who is not. Therefore, always endeavor to perform well in all your examinations that concern all the medical billing courses. Remember, you will have an added advantage if you upgrade yourself on a regular basis, due to the ever-changing dynamics of billing. In line with this, before you enroll for any program it is paramount to consider its relation to American Health Information-management Association.

There are several certification programs to choose from as a coder. One of the most common is the Registered Health Information-Administrator (RHIA), Certified Coding Specialist (CCS), and the CCS-P. You can go for the more advanced Certified in Health-Care Privacy. The more advanced the certifications the better it is for you.

There are other certifications that are equally important after you have trained for medical billing and coding. These include; AAPC with acronym standing for American Academy of Professional Coders), and the other is Board of Medical-Specialty Coding Certification. These two are some of the best certifications that you can have to enhance employment opportunities. In fact, with them you are well assured that you will get high pay compared to those who do not have them in their CV.

It is highly recommended that you get college education for you to get high pay in this profession. However, this is not usually the case in all situations. You can land yourself a job as a coder if you have high school diploma, and have some training in medical coding. This means that where you train, the programs you enroll, and repute of the institutions matter a lot.

Online training has the benefit of flexibility and you can easily schedule your own hours. Additionally, you can train at cheaper rates compared to conventional brick and motor stores. There is no way you can get certified by authorities in this field without adequate knowledge in billing. Therefore, always ensure that you only enroll to classes that offer relevant of curriculum as per the needs of the need of the market.

The complexities involved in the health care industries and the dynamics of medicinal business have led to great advancement in the profession. This means that the certifying program that you enroll should be in line with the latest changes. This will definitely save you tons of money and time as your pursue your dream job as a coder.

The online medical billing and coding certification programs are more than often tailored to meet a variant of needs. This means that the certifications do differ based on many variant factors that determine the word that need to be done. The programs also look into the most recent diagnostic coding systems and how you can essentially manage medical claims. Always ensure that you register with reputable online institutions to get valuable education.

You can visit the website for more helpful information about Reliable Online Medical Billing And Coding Certification Programs

How Do I Become a Medical Coding Specialist? Learn How | Your …

If you are considering a career as a medical coder then you have probably asked the question,”how do i become a medical coding specialist?”  Like many others you are seeking information so that you are aware of what is required while knowing all your options.

Training Class for Medical Coding Specialists

Becoming a medical coding specialist means that you are willing to take your skills and tasks very seriously and want to make sure that the job gets taken care of.  The people in these role are very important to the health care sector and are needed to make sure it continues to run efficiently.

As a coding specialist you will have to use alphanumeric diagnostic and producer codes that will rely very important information about treatment and illness for patients.  The reason your job is so vitally important is that the codes help to translated medical terminology into generalized codes that can then be transmitted and read.  Once these codes are received Health care providers can pay for services as well as allowing for the ability of patient diagnoses to be properly understood.

Things You Need To Know as a Coding Specialist

As a specialist in the medical coding industry you will have to have a vast knowledge and understanding of medications, diseases,and medical terminology.  Why the need for so much information?  Well as a coding specialist you will be the one who will enter in each of there diagnostic or procedural code for each patient record.

By recording and updating these codes you as a specialist help to keep all information and records accurate and up to date.  Specialist must choose the most accurate code while also reviewing a patients test results and medical history.

Medical coding specialists help with the flow of information and are the people who help doctors and medical care facilities keep things in order.  With the knowledge you gain from different accredited programs you will be an expert.  With your expertise the codes are correct, health care is systemized, bills are sent and paid, and the industry keeps moving along.

Education and Requirements

So here is what you really want to know right?  Exactly what do you need to become a medical coding specialist.  Well like many jobs in the healthcare industry there are not formal education requirements you need that will stop you from actually entering this career field.  However if you want to succeed in this sector you will need to have a very extensive grasp of medical terminology, anatomy, biology, and physiology.  In other words science, science, and more science.

Though you can get into the field without any formal education most companies out there will expect you to at least have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent and want you to have maybe a year of education beyond high school.  You do have the options of going to either a four year school, community college or continuing education program if you are interested in getting your certificate for medical coding.

After completing the certificate program or training you will still need to pass your certified medical coding specialist exam.  You can take the exam through either the American Academy of Professional Coders or the American Health Information Management Association.

Besides just the education you will need to make sure that you are very strong when it comes to analytical skills.  Being a person who is very analytical will surely help you on your way to being the best coding specialist you can be.

Coding rules are not only ambiguous but also complex and will require you always be paying attention to a lot of details to make sure that you are entering in the information needed as accurately and precisely as possible to avoid any kinds of mistakes.  Working independently and making decisions on your own are needed skills as well.

Of course one must have proper computer skills.  As a coder you will be working on a computer all day and there is a growing number in the use of electronic health records and health informatics software (HIS).

Advancement for Medical Coding Specialists

One of the things to focus on if you want to advance in your career as a medical coder is to make sure that you get a bachelor’s degree or some other sort of advanced degree in healthcare admin or health information management.  Doing so greatly increases your chances to become a supervisor and in some companies a director.  Yes coding specialist can go on to become directors of insurance companies, health systems and hospitals.

If you think that becoming a medical coding specialist is still for you be sure to get the proper information you need from accredited schools.  There have been a lot of schools and/or companies that have come up as frauds.  Avoid those educational scams and only use a list of approved programs.   Fill out your information below and have a accredited school contact or send you information on their training.